David M Radford - Bitcoin cashout

David M Radford

CEO and Member of Board

David M Radford is the CEO and a Board Member at Cashout Bitcoin, a leading financial service provider specializing in crypto assets. Throughout his 25+ year career, Arthur has established himself as a thought leader and an innovative pioneer in the world of finance, private banking, and microfinance.In 2017, as Global Head of Products and Member of the Executive Board at Barcley’s Bank, David and his team launched the first, fully-regulated, FINMA-approved private banking offering in Europe for direct investments in cryptocurrencies.

Prior to this, David held several senior positions at Credit UK including Global Head of Investment Services and Products, Head of Private Banking UK, and Head of Latin America. For ten years, he served as a Private Banking Divisional Board Member. At Credit UK, David spearheaded the creation of the award-winning Credit UK advisory process. He additionally led Credit UK to launch the first Microfinance Initiative in 2003 and opened the first Microfinance Fund for public distribution. David has served as a Board Member and Advisor at responsAbility Investments AG, a specialist impact investment asset manager.

David’s passion for finance and positive societal impact has led him to speak at the UN during its International Year of Microcredit and to organize exchanges with luminaries including Nobel Peace Prize Winner Professor Muhammad Yunus, The Black Swan book author Nassim Taleb, and Ray Kurzweil, author of The Singularity Is Near.

David earned a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Manchester and an MBA from INSEAD.